There’s No Magic To Losing Those Christmas Pounds

There’s No Magic To Losing Those Christmas Pounds

No magical combination of foods, avoidance of foods, increase in the intake of certain foods, or special diet plans (no matter how bizarre) will make you lose weight.

The only way you can lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you burn in your daily activities. If you burn 7,000 kilojoules a day, you need to eat 7,000 kilojoules to maintain your weight.

If you want to lose weight, eat a thousand less (give or take) a day and you have it. It doesn’t matter whether your daily calories come from chocolate, salad, fat, sugar, or beans.

The reason that fad diets work so well is that the people subscribing to them are initially motivated and ultimately eat fewer calories than they are burning.

Diets like the Atkins (in which you must eat only protein) work in the same way – cream and high-fat meats are so rich you can only eat so much so you eat less.

The best diet (which should be your diet for life) is to moderate the amount of food you eat.

It doesn’t matter what you eat – just don’t eat too much.


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