The Body Clock Diet

Passing time for 14 days with the Clock Diet. My Journey So Far, just 24 hours in! by Perry Estelle

If you are a food lover, a diary, maybe the very best thing to arrange some intimate dates?

Call me picky, but the thought of keeping a food diary, to lose 4 stone after a health diagnosis, seemed like a long walk to the gallows. I am 62. I have always loved cooking and food experimentation, and now I have been advised to synchronise my watch to the strictures of the all new ‘clock diet’. That is, to voluntarily starve myself, until the early afternoon, and then have just enough food, maybe just 2 or 3 light meals, in succession, and then nothing, after 7:30 after in the evening. Phew! Not for the fainthearted. But I am committed to losing the spare tyre.

This grub regime is to ‘trick’ the body in ignoring hunger pangs, and once successful, my body thinks, ‘Oh, ok, I get it, I guess he is not going to feed me until later.”

Which is a great gut subterfuge, except if you are Type 1 or 2, you will no doubt be in danger of slipping into a coma, or at least falling over!

I had to have a contingency plan to spare me huge sugar drops, while fasting, as I am type 2, and fasting for this length of time overnight, and then a full half a day to follow, would be a pancreatic prerequisite to type 1.

I was not about to take that chance. But this is so weird, Just after just a couple of days into it, of food abstinence, by late morning, my body acclimatised. So, with a glucose hit, if I felt a dip in my blood sugar, I would take the tab, problem solved. I am not suggesting that anybody with diabetes do what I do, to control blood sugar. I do know, that if I get on board with ‘the clock diet’ and stick to it, that, by losing weight my Type 2 may well disappear, altogether. That is my goal. Yet, I would advise you have close consultation with your diabetic nurse or GP, before you embark on this hardcore diet.

Let the record show.

A food diary was agreed by all parties in my case, for a documented record of weight loss, proper nutrition and still I would enjoy my favourite recipes.

The idea is that food diary actually works, and this is how.

You record day and date, from now, and plan the week ahead, or meals after 1pm. These should be side-plate sized meals, and up to 3 a few hours apart.

Incorporated, is some daily exercise, walking or swimming or cycling, for 20 minutes minimum daily, for some cardio AFTER you have eaten. If you already go to the gym, then that is true dedication and ‘hats’ off, already.

However, even with exercise and rigid food routines, beware, you can ‘overcook’ and mistake the initial fervour for losing weight, for blind panic. and if miss the  creative needs, might turn your good intentions to tedium. Your imagination and food creativity is essential, to make this a bearable experience for the next 14 days. So, baby steps, and make it fun.

How will you cook and prepare 3 meals, in one afternoon? Difficult to do, if you are busy parent picking up kids from school, or at work already.

Ok, here are few strikes for you to note in your diary. Batch prepare, your food for the week. Use variety, and don’t use a mass of ingredients and your tasty, satisfying but simple decisions will help manage your hunger through satisfying taste.

Record in your notebook, what and when, and even where, you eat. Even, the tiniest weakness, or nibble, record it in your notebook’, don’t worry,no food police will abseil through a Costa window, and arrest you for being in possession of a chocolate muffin! Less, temptation may be geographical. Divert your hankerings by staying away from food halls for instance! Just for 14 days and then, by then, you will know your true objective.

You will soon see your ‘appetite’ evolve by your own metabolism, that either obeys your pangs of hunger or ignores it. A food hunger pang lasts for minutes, not hours. The skill, is to ignore the 1st pang that means you are 90% towards your stomach ‘switching its thinking’.

After all, your gut is your ‘second brain’. That is a whole article by itself, maybe next week.

Food, and eating it, is an emotional activity. It’s a love affair, so when you shop for your next week options, for your ‘clock diet’ remember this.

One: Never shop when you are hungry.
Two. Shop with imagination.

If possible, don’t shop with no ideas in your diary for foodie options. Make a list, and look for foods and recipes that you like, that don’t contain too many carbs and make the necessary compromises. But don’t forfeit good taste and healthy dishes. Don’t fill up with bread, bagels and croissants, that will not help your cause. But I adore bread, Ciabatta or Focaccia! Then one day, I discovered the beautiful healthy texture of Eastern European liquorice black rye bread. Now that is a joy! And very healthy. Likewise, a lack of common sense with cakes and sweets, is not going to shed the weight.

Stick to oily fish, fresh fruit, salad and vegetables. If you must have carbs, just a few small new potatoes once a day. Avoid all the usual suspects like pizza, kebab vans and the chip shop.

Dairy is fine, but try some live yoghurt at intervals, and that will soothe your hunger. Helping digestion, with good live bacteria. 

If you eat meat, then all is fair ‘game’. Of course soya, or similar, for vegans is ideal and sensible, and just weigh your amounts, is quite acceptable.

Notice that fresh cooking, is better than reading food values when you shop.

I love beef liver, or lambs kidneys and onions in gravy. I sear all offal, rather that fry. I don’t do boot leather! But a plate of  tender, heat-kissed (or gentle or moderate heat) with a couple poached eggs was very satisfying. That held me all day, yesterday.

Today, for me is seared chicken with canned tomatoes and black olives, and chilli with toasted black rye bread.

Walking my black lab, for a mile or two, for my exercise, will get me some fresh air, and tick that box.

Now, the most important thing, is that looking back over your diary, may seem a long hard climb. But you will reach your target weight. The truth is, if you stick to the diary and make it your bosom buddy it should yield huge results within just 14 days.

This is just my personal food regime ideas, in actual fact, there are so many variations, and all are, by design seeming very effective. If it does not suit you as diet , change it, but make a food plan. The essence of the clock diet is to follow a fasting programme that allows the body to breakdown body fat with a cleared intestine, and that gentle exercise encourages a steady reduction of that fat.

Do your due diligence on your new diet terms, and keep your resolve.

Take a look.

Good luck!