Superfoods To Fight Depression

Superfoods To Fight Depression, Stroke & Cardiac Issues

We’ve all had the blues once in a while. Did you know that you can bin all those ‘happy pills’ by ‘Stop getting fed up, foods? But there are ways to adjust your diet to help stabilize your mood. Ask yourself, do I need to take pills, to be happy? “Nah! A Big Mac makes me happy! That’s why it’s called a ‘Happy Meal,’ right?

Maybe some Oreos and icecream, to be ecstatic, huh?

Hey, maybe we have to switch the TV off and cycle to the Grocery store, and pick up some SUPERFOODS!

Time to save time and put your life out of harms way, or at least add a few years to it!

Eating fast food fast is a recipe for disaster! So grabbing a Subway in between meetings will have you grabbing your chest!

It’s imperative to eat meals at regular intervals in order to keep your serotonin levels and blood sugars (glucose) in check, a chemical in the brain that has a calming effect.

Bin it if there is nothing good in it!

Good nutrition is your best defense for managing depression. Do not assume that comfort eating food works like Prozac! Unless you are allergic to good health!

Carbs to Cheer you up

Carbohydrates are linked to serotonin production and lack of carbohydrates may cause changes in your mood. Here are more food ideas to help you combat depression and kick the downers. So the healthy SUPERFOODS will free you from addiction to medication and the horrible chemical side-effects, and erase the miserable persistent symptoms caused of anti-psychotic drugs.

Mackerel for Mental health

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon and mackerel are always a great choice for dinner. Omega-3 fatty acids also help prevent heart disease and stroke and may help prevent some cancers. Plus, salmon contains selenium, an important antioxidant mineral. Be sure to choose wild salmon at the grocery store or local fish market, since it contains more omegas than farmed, or Atlantic, salmon. Tuna is tremendous. Herring, is healthy for triglyceride reduction, or those, unprocessed little balls of fat that your heart heaves, to pump through your system and may like to stick to your arterial walls or together causing aneurysm or stroke! You won’t feel a thing until it happens. So, if you hate fish, start loving it! All fish is life-giving! So eat a puffa fish with care alright!

A recent study indicated that people who suffer from depression also have lower levels of the antioxidant vitamin E. So, though oil is high in fat, and should be consumed in strict moderation, canola oil is rich in vitamin E. It’s a healthier alternative for sautéing foods and vegetables. Rapeseed, instead of corn oil. Olive instead of vegetable oil. Advocado oil will make your skin glow and your hair gleam but, it’s very calorific, so with all cooking or dressings be mean on a daily basis.

Eat your Greens

Dark green vegetables like spinach and peas are high in folate, a key player in the production of serotonin. They’re also an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber. Fresh is always the best option, as canned versions tend to have lower nutritional value. Frozen is ok. Legumes are also high in folate and protein and low in fat, and are an excellent option for those who are vegetarian or meat-restricted diets.

Chickpeas are rich in fiber, iron, and vitamin E. For a simple snack, combine a can of drained and rinsed chickpeas with some minced garlic, fresh lemon juice, and olive or canola oil in your blender or food processor. Add salt, pepper and other spices as you wish. The resulting hummus makes a healthy and hearty vegetable dip.

Meat to Eat

Poached chicken or turkey are both rich in vitamin B6, which plays a role in serotonin production in the body. They are both a good source of selenium and other vitamins and minerals, too. Eggs, and butter? They were demonized recently as ‘dangerously’ high in fats. Actually scrambled eggs, in butter, is far healthier than a processed 4 minute microwave ‘low fat’ meal. TV dinners notoriously lack nutrition and full of preservatives and artificial flavourings, especially ‘slimming’ rubbish. Don’t be fooled by clever food photography. If it has no fat it will be replaced with artificial sugars and carbs to make it at least taste of something.

If a meal has no sweetener, fats or carbs. It’s just bland pap.

Most of the food that was bound to kill up until last year is all propaganda, to serve the food giants, excite consumerism with fear, to make their corporation money. Those guys don’t care about your health. They just want to drug you, and turn you into a couch potato. Stop, eating their crap and listening to their lies, OK?


Seasalt, or rocksalt is fine, in moderation. Our bodies need it!. Refined salt like SAXA is 1 third salt, 1 third sand, 1 third glass. And more than 11grams in one sitting will give you organ failure.

And please, if you’ve been dealing with the symptoms of depression for a while, please contact your doctor to discuss available treatment, options and medication, that may be available to you. But do your research too. Most Doctors go on the Internet as soon as you walk out of the office.

Healthy Food Choices. You REALLY are what you eat.

Eating healthy is something we all would like to do, although it can be hard. In order to eat healthy, you must first make the right food choices. Eating healthy is all about what you eat, which makes the choices very crucial to your results. If you love donuts you will resemble one. If you like reconstituted, pre-formed, modified and preserved food, it will reconstitute and modify and preform you…BUT NOT IN A GOOD WAY!. It will also destroy the body God gave you!

Grains. Anything with a pulse

You should consume 6 ounces of grains per day. To do this, you can eat 3 ounces of whole grain cereals, breads, rice, crackers, or pasta. You can get an ounce of grains in a single slice of bread, or 1 cup of cereal. Oh! All of the above should be wholegrain/wholewheat. Get to love lentils, black-eyed peas and especially oats! If you have a gluten problem stick to organic and watch your carbs anyway. Do your due diligence on what makes you feel good. If you are not sure do some research.

Vegetables or Salad. Let them get under your skin.

These should be varied, as you should eat no less 2 pieces of them each day. You should start eating more of the dark vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach. Carrots and sweet potatoes are good as well. Eat the skins. Peel nothing. The goodness is hiding just under the skin. Buzz some into a soup. Beetroot is great for high blood pressure. Kale and avocado, mop up free radicals. Add lemon and garlic with ginger, French onion with tomatoes (a natural sunblock) and some naughty vegetable stock is a great winter warmer.


Fruits are very important. You should try to eat at least 2 pieces a day. Or in a smoothie, like forest fruits with Greek yoghurt. It will hold your appetite for hours. Focus on eating a variety, such as fresh, frozen, canned, or even dried fruit. Blueberries and strawberries are excellent antioxidants and natural statins. Cholesterol busters!


Milk (animal), Soya, Rice, Almond or coconut is your calcium rich friend. For adults, 3 cups is the ideal goal. For kids 2 – 8, 2 cups is where you want to be. When choosing milk products or yogurt, you

should go for fat-free or low-fat. Those who don’t like milk or can’t have it, should go for lactose free products or other sources of calcium such as fortified foods and beverages.

Meat and Beans

Eating 5 ounces a day is the ideal goal, as you should go lean with your protein. When eating meat, always bake it, grill it, or broil it, as this will prevent grease from adding to the equation. You should vary your protein as well, with more fish, beans, peas, and nuts. Wild or basmati rice with poached chicken in kidney beans and pinenuts is a tasty wellbeing supper.

To help keep your saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium low, you can check the nutrition facts label. This label can be found on the food package and will tell you all the information you need to know about the food item. Avoid the usual suspects of fast-food full of E numbers, acids, preservatives sugars and carbs. If a large popular brand logo or insignia with promises of immortality, winning he lottery or a trip to Disney or fame & celebrity it is usually bad for you.

Fresh organic food may seem boring! Well do something about that. Flex your cooking skills. It might need a little time to prepare but that extra time will add to your life as a backend benefit. Invest in a smoothie maker or juicer. Presto! A breakfast or lunch to jumpstart your day! Your imagination could mean you will still be around to see your grandchildren grow up!

By picking your foods wisely and watching what you eat, you’ll help give quality to your lifestyle, mental health and general appearance. 20 minutes of exercise just to get your heart pace up is really upping your game, as well, as it goes along perfectly with a healthy eating.

So, why is this the only way forward?

You will spring from your bed like a gazelle and meet the days challenges with more zest. No matter what your age may be, eating healthy will help you keep your active lifestyle for years and years – protect your health in the long run as well. Make one small change a week and soon you will create a range of life-giving habits that fortify you and build your auto immune system. It’s what you put in your mouth. It’s keeping moving. It’s using your imagination rather than being hypnotized by the media what to buy when in the supermarket.

Last vital point!


Hide your dinner plates or give them away. Yes, I’m serious! Serve up your meals on side dishes. Pile it up, if you wish but that will ensure you don’t eat more than is good for you. Our bodies were not evolved to eat as much as society dictates now. Make variety and imagination your goal when preparing food, That is why I have some suggestions this week you can try out to stop any excuses.

Yes, it’s breaking the inertia. No more ‘my healthy eating starts tomorrow’. In my experience, tomorrow never comes!

So, let’s gets started on your new menus, for a much healthier lifestyle. Keep a diary of your tasty bites so you can rotate your ‘specials’.

This recipe from cooker to table? Just 10 minutes.

Seared Chicken& Mushroom Melts

Lean skinless chicken breasts Melts with Spinach & Nuts Salad

You will need:

2 skinless chicken breast (per person)

Canned button mushrooms (or fresh)

Olive oil (as needed in moderation)

Seasalt and ground peppercorns.

Parmesan cheese (pre-grated)

4 Garlic cloves

Lemon juice

A prepared salad of spinach sliced French onion and any optional pine/cashew nuts/mange tout/French beans/cherry tomatoes before you cook..

Before you commence cooking. Put a medium grill & have some tinfoil ready for your chicken pieces.

  1. Heat up a tablespoon of extra virgin in a pan and heat to mid to high. Drop skinless lean chicken breast(s) and sear for 5/6 minutes or until golden on both sides.
  2. Slice finely the mushroom, garlic, parmesan, seasoning and blend in a small teacup together.
  3. Turn off heat. Place the chicken pieces in foil and place in your grill. Sprinkle the fresh Garlic seasoning and Parmesan cheese on one side of the chicken breast. Then squeeze a quarter lemon on them individually. Grill on a mid-heat for 2 minutes.
  4. Serve your melts with your salad and a sprig of Basil. If you enjoy please Like & Share

This is an original recipe from Great British Fine Fayre