Quick Spiced Fruit Cobblers Crumble

Quick Spiced Fruit Cobblers Crumble
by Nelly’s Just Desserts

Hello, this ‘crumble cobbler’ is for the busy bees only, as I usually like to make a crumble from scratch, but it’s still healthy and tasty.

I am very lucky to have my daughters horse near a tiny orchard in a local village called Little Downham, near my family hometown of Ely. Horses love apples, and so do I . Here in a tucked away historic meadow you will find 88 trees with 16 varieties of apples, yielding Discoveries and Spartans, Cox pippin and Lord Derby. You will see me, during the season, with my dog Stanley, plucking a few, and bagging some crunchy windfalls for Rocky our Welsh cob. But not just for the horses palate, but scrumping a few extra for our favourite crumbles back home, and made in the kitchen.

This orchard is community grown orchard and general voluntary upkeep is done by the good people of the village. What a hidden treasure!

They even have their own jam cottage industry: http://www.littledownhamconserves.co.uk/

If you love good natural fruit desserts and precious time to cook them then time try this 15 minute recipe today.

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Quick Spiced Fruit Cobblers Crumble

Fresh Forest fruits with 1 ripe pear and 1 tart apple, peeled diced and
sliced thinly or frozen (or canned but fresh is best)

2 tsp. nutmeg

2 tsp. cinnamon

2 tbsp sugar

500g cake mix

1 125ml water (half cup)

2 large eggs

Put fruit mixture in bottom of pie dish. Sprinkle with spices and sugar.

Blend cake mix, water and eggs. Adjust the mixture to ‘crumble’ texture

Pour and pat evenly over fruit mixture.

Cover and cook 25-35 minutes at 350 degrees.

Tip: Try a handful of juniper berries and a some crushed nuts on top to bake
to give extra flavour.