“Oh! Crumpets!”

“Oh! Crumpets!”
by Perry Estelle

Quickie Taste Fixes

Call me lazy! But when you have people back from a dog walk or Gran pops by for a cuppa, and after looking into the cupboard you only find some Warburton crumpets looking lonely in the drawer…here is what to do!

Stick the kettle on.

Stack some crumpets in the microwave…with a drizzle of rapeseed on for 1 minute or less,

Take them and paste some green pesto on them…or….

Choice of toppings?

Maple syrup

Olive oil and soy sauce

Philli with Chilli flakes

Tuna pate with grated onion

Mayo and squeeze of lemon

Salad cream with salsa

Grated nutmeg and a sprig of fresh Basil

Parmesan and Nutella

Apple sauce with grated ginger

Marmite with Crumbled corned beef

Mashed banana and cinnamon

Mozzarella and chives

Sliced radish and seasalt

Prawns and cracked pepper with flatleaf parsley

Dairylea (no need to spread the triangle)and grated garlic

Sour cream and crispy flaked bacon with oregano

Pastrami or Flaked Smoked Mackerel with shredded fresh onion

Anchovies and fresh Coriander

Crumpet sized salami with aubergine slice

Cheddar and sliced of beef tomato with seasalt

Oil soaked artichokes

Sliced gherkin with lime slice

Orange peel with brown sugar

Liver pate and sliced shallot

Poached egg with cayenne pepper

Gammon and Balsamic

Ham ‘off the bone’ with chutney

That’s just for ‘starters’

Next time you want some butter on your crumpet ‘said the baker to the librarian’ think of the humble crumpet as a launch pad for limitless fun party ideas.

Have a ‘Crumpet Evening’ and watch the fun!