Not Going Against the Grain

Not Going Against the Grain

A Grain of Sense

One fond memory of Mum’s cooking was the enormous anticipation for her barley soup. That curious little mini shell floating within a salty onion celery and carrot broth, that was a pleasing sight and smell with a chunk of homemade home-made sourdough on the side of the plate. That barley did look like ‘pearls’ (pearl barley is its apt name as it look looks shell-like) It was a regular treat for health and happiness!

A Grain of Truth

Did you know that barley is a very powerful superfood rediscovered where it was an essential staple part of the Greek diet? Not just the Greeks. Barley was in fact just about the oldest farmed grains that was a staple foodstuff of the Hebrews, Egyptians and Romans. Kosher menus to this day include it as often as wheat. Barley, is a member of the grass family first grown all over this planet over 10,000 years. Popular across all civilised and underdeveloped countries even now, where there is a favourable climate. Barley was used to feed livestock as well, as well as grace the table for centuries not just as a cereal or stew, but for the tastiest beer and fermented beverage.

Here is a food prep method from the past.    

King Charles (The 1st) virtually replaced the British harvest with it during his rule, as it was a hardier and a much cheaper grain to grow. It is a two rowed or ‘two eared’ crop and resembles oats and wheat .

10 things about barley ‘barely’ known!

  1. Barley takes 2 hours after boiling to be digested making it the most energy efficient Superfood above any others.
  2. Barley is said to have been fed to Roman Gladiators to give them staying power.
  3. Barley is sent by The United Nations as the core relief foodstuff for humanitarian needs in famine stricken parts of the world because of its bulk energy.
  4. Barley fights obesity because it sates appetite quickly.
  5. Ancient Mums whose child would not ‘take to the breast’ would wean babies with pre-sprouted all natural nutrient dense flour barley gruel as ‘formula’.
  6. Barley at the point of not sprouting is at its most enzyme rich with the grain packed with vitamins and minerals as a disease fighting ‘live’ supplement.
  7. Can reduce cholesterol and maintain healthy glucose levels while ‘mopping’ up harmful free radicals in the blood. Barley also boosts the immune system and detoxifies blood. Prevents anaemia and fatigue. Increases proper function of the renal system and replenishment of body cells. The copper found in the grain is an essential support in haemoglobin creation and control and replace dead blood cells for healthy red blood cells.
  8. Barley water helps relief and sometimes cure UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infection) and if you are suffering constipation, recurrent diarrhoea, stomach gas, haemorrhoids or gastritis, diverticulitis or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) barley can cure symptoms and restore fluids and electrolytes.
  9. Barley has a very slow replacement carbohydrate activation making it ideal for dieting, while retaining good nourishment.

10.Barley has a composition called a ‘low glycaemic index’. It turns into a soluble gel in the gut, that turns into enriched fibre and holds ‘beta glucan’ said to lead to proper gut health, and longer life.

Barley is not promoted by Food Giants or Corporations? Or, Big Pharma?

Maybe if everybody started taking barley it could put them out of business! Go figure!

Barley bread with Manuka honey is for bulletproof health.

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