Nelly’s Parsnip & Sweet Potato Puree

Nelly’s Parsnip & Sweet Potato Puree
by Perry Estelle

Are you a batch cook? You know. Do you rustle up a thrown together pack-up for the kids, with whatever you can mine-sweep, at the supermarket? Are you confident that you are being sold healthy snacks? If lack of time and imagination is the reason are few simple ideas to save you time and money.

Or, fix your batches, organically from scratch?

Well, it’s a busy old life being a parent, but let’s see resurrect your inspiration for the dreaded lunch and brunch options for the kneebiters!!

I am introducing, homemade organic food puree. Or, veggie pate, specifically for you to bulk make, ‘ mix, fix and freeze’ for anyone around you, from cradle to grave.

The whole process will take you no more than 90 minutes and save you a day in the shopping aisles. And many bucks.

Keep it simple. I saw a baby food called “Plum with Beef Ragu”. At 3 months, if that stays down, in my view it would be a veritable miracle on its own! Ok, regardless of who you buy for, or who you buy from, you guys are all supposed to be taking on board, vital minerals and vitamins to grow and function. Taste is key, and usually what is good for you does necessarily taste great! Am I right? So, we have to be imaginative parents, skilled as a cook, or not, eaten or left on the side of the plate, the REAL plus about veggie pate, is that people are only, put off by smell and colour, before they are tempted to taste, especially when a youngster from 6 months up!

If you fail on all 3, that means back to the chopping board!

In other words, in a pre-blended state, before being shovelled inside, your concoction must at least ‘edible’.

Some vegetables are very attractive, like cherries and watermelon, or a big red rosy apple. Peppers and peas, broccoli and green beans, look nice nestling, next to your knife and fork, and leeks and carrots seem to travel well across the world from pot to potbelly. Others, are not that appealing, …. Maybe. Ugly food, may be bursting with goodness and flavour, but I guess some children just think, such naturally less beautiful food items are better off, being sent back on the next rocket to outer space! Celeriac and artichoke spring to mind!

A sweet potato and parsnip is an unlikely marriage, but, read on, and we will see!

I sometimes roast parsnips in honey, and serve marshmallow with sweet potatoes, for that reason. So, kids will be tempted to try the dreaded veggies.

Yes, that’s sacrilege, I hear you say, why gild, God’s lily?

Well, the present cooking trends we see today from every chef celebrity, demonstrate ‘caramelising’ food, and fluffing up savouries with glazes, sweet garnishes and dazzling food flourishes. Dressings, and drizzles of sweet and savoury, combined.

I remember when I thought ham and pineapple was pizza treason! But because of our inherited brainwashing, we put apple sauce with pork, cranberries or horseradish with beef, mint with lamb, balsamic vinegar with gammon, lemon with chicken and fish. We put pomegranate seeds with our salad. We have mango with curry, and not content with that, fickle with lime pickle. Tomato on our French fries and mixed with beans!

Not to mention, all the above in a large gin!

Why? I guess in case we don’t like basic tastes of our food. Or we like food Imagineering!

There is a shift of thinking, and babyfood is so very last generation now. The Big Corps like Gerber and Beechnut manufacturers ‘Baby Food Boom’ is over. So Amazon, sell baby mixers,(no different, from your adult, regular (Nutribullet or Kenwood) pouches, jars and boxes. The online shops are awash with freezing paraphernalia, because mums have lifted their consciousness, and do not trust the food giants anymore, when it comes to the suspect ‘ingredients’ slipped in each products. Busted! That represents the fact that parents don’t trust ‘manufactured foods’ that look and taste like ectoplasm, and get thrownright back up. Baby burps are a barometer of what is digestible or not! Colic and gripes depends on what goes down the pipes.

Clearly, the message is getting through. The average Gerber buyer, sends $40 dollars a week to this huge Corporation for premixed formulas, that are just disgusting toxic goo.

How about making a £30 dollar saving a week? Money left over to spend on your kids, for a family weekend?

Meals for baby, with no additives, that taste great! To make any tot… eat the lot!

Let’s go!!

Nelly’s Parsnip & Sweet Potato Puree

Recipe: (Enough for 28 servings for 6 month olds and upwards )

5 Peeled diced boiled and pureed parsnips

5 Peeled diced boiled and pureed sweet potatos

Small jar of honey

Blend/mash or process the pre-boiled parsnips and sweet potato until smooth and mix in honey

Using a midsized serving spoon and place one spoon of mixture into separate sandwich bags, reseal and freeze.

This simple recipe is great for any age. In sandwiches, on crackers for lunches and parties.

Spread liberally on Mum & Dads toast, or use for a dip for celery and carrot sticks.

Tip: Use an icecream trigger release scoop x 2 -3 per bag, if easier for you to decant into bags.

Other Options for this dish!

Gentlemans relish? Fork in some anchovies and chilli flakes!

Dieting? Add some live yoghurt, some flatleaf parsley, or fresh basil with cracked black pepper and a pinch of seasalt.

Add to pasta? Mix in with pasta some light fried bacon. Stir in some spinach for colour and extra texture, and serve with a dressed fresh tomato salad.

Smoothie? Buzz up with milk and add ice on a hot day.

Pies and Buns? If you want to make the pomade more savoury, flatten and chop some organic garlic, add black olives and seasoning, and serve in open or closed bun pastries.

Soup or Consommé? Keep the water the veggies were boiled in and add a stock cube some seasalt & blacked coarse pepper. Stir in your pomade until the desired thickness serve with a little fresh coriander of flatleaf parsley.

The rules with this recipe are that …there are no rules. You can use any vegetable for the above single or matched to another and pack your freezer while you have time to prepar ‘mix, fix and freeze’.

Here are some examples. Traditional ‘marriages’ and a few you may want to try.

Leek & Potato

Pumpkin and Plum

Asparagus and Butternut Squash

Beetroot and Mango

I will be sending other pomade recipes but you can experiment and please a few more tastebuds at your kitchen table, I’m sure!