Master Chef Jonathan Bone

Professional Master Chef Jonathan Bone M.A shares 20 years of experience.

“I hope you enjoy my foodie tips”

Hi, Jon here. 

The Holy Trinity of Food, that is, flavour, nourishment, and most importantly presentation is only brought together when we start to search for the key truths about food.

Any recipe must be a fusion of these. 

I am going to share with you many secrets to save you hours of cooking mishaps! Such things happen. Failure is only good feedback. Don’t be afraid of your failures again and again. Practice makes perfect and there is nothing you cannot accomplish in the kitchen. 

Through a passion for quality, imagining new delicacies and understanding food and its versatility, will help us hone our techniques of blending.

Purpose, energy, grit is all you need to be a great cook.  One ingredient out of place will kill the dish. This is our journey. To break with tradition and rediscover good food, and how to prepare it. I hope you enjoy my foodie tips.

True success is attention to detail. We choose the the best of my recipes to tantalise any hungry diner.

Food is an exquisite kaleidoscope of endless taste sensations, and nothing should be left to chance to dim the beauty of a wonderful food creation, the beautiful craft, worthy of your blood sweat and tears in the kitchen.



Jonathan Bone M.A