Dear Nelly. The thing about fat…

Dear Nelly. For years we have been told fat is bad for you and now I switch on the tellybox and lo and behold it’s better for you after all! Can we believe these so called experts who change their minds like the weather?”

Nelly says:

The thing about fat…

It’s sweet tasting. If you went home and took everything with fat in it, out of your fridge and larder, you would be left with the most bland and uninteresting food. I have met hardened vegetarians that weaken and drool, at the smell of cooking bacon. Raw flesh being grilled and dripping with fat.

As a child I loved the ‘pork crackling’ off, the Sunday pork roast. Eating it, by the strip, one after the other. In the last War kids were brought up on ‘dripping’ on bread. Or, pure animal fat. It’s delicious. They grew up like weeds, strong and healthy. Ok, some kids got ‘rickets’ because of a lack of vitamin C. But you rarely saw a fat kid. Now it’s a scarcity to see a thin kid. Two World Wars were fought on ‘bully beef’ and flour dumplings. People didn’t have the variety of maladies in those days associated with cardio vascular disease, or PMT as we do today. People used to have babies while out ‘hopping’. Not an exercise you see many overindulged pregnant mothers do much these days. They never had epidurals. One look at a pair of forceps was enough to start dilation.

Women Pre & Postwar and What Has Changed

Women were tougher then because they worked mangles on a Monday and stirred homemade jam the rest of the day. My Mum used the same pan to boil up her ‘whites’ too, which to be frank, does not bear thinking about now. They didn’t have a microwave. They had to dig up the vegetables from the garden for each day. They never went to an antenatal class. They were too busy in the munitions factory or learning how to find their children in piles of smoking rubble. They made their own clothes and climbed up slag heaps for winter fuel. They made tripe and cowheels taste like venison.

I remember my Mother rushing out into the street fighting over the horse droppings from the ‘rag and bone’ man’s horse, that hit the ground smoking, and were dug into the roses or the seed potatoes before it had a chance to cool.

I also recall my Mothers beautiful Dundee cake and shortbread. She made her own toffee, icecream and flapjack. Humus? What the hell was that?

What has happened to the female of the species? My Mum used to bike for miles with my twin sister and each side of her back wheel, and counterbalancing bags of shopping hanging from the handlebars. She had a body to die for, but never saw the

inside of gym or slurped on ‘Slimfast’ drinks. She got fit looking after her family, bringing them up on chicken pie and Monopoly. Most mothers today swap their ‘Cluedo’ for soppy Netflix or Iphone addiction.

My Mother lived by carbolic. Washboards. TCP Germolene. Vick Chest rub. Vosene. Epsom Salts. Calamine lotion and cardboard from Kellogg Boxes for insoles in my school shoes.

Fat is not the culprit. The Dr Atkins diet proves this. If you eat all fat and protein, and no ‘carbs’ you will lose weight very rapidly, because the metabolism is ‘fooled’ into thinking it has to break down fats more quickly if that is all they need to deal with. All our organs are designed to do this. Break down fats. Our digestion is not sufficiently evolved to degrade wheat or potatoes. They have only been with us the last few thousand years. Apart from all the other ‘junk food’ that we choke our arteries. Sugars and solvents manufactured to eat the enamel off your teeth and rot our guts, we have ‘preservatives that do what they claim and ‘preserve’ themselves, inside our bodies causing cancer and toxin intolerance. They are insolubleand highly poisonous.

God knows what the next generation will consume to make us sterile as a civilization.

Preservatives will make us become extinct. Do we want that?

It’s the additives in food that cause all the health problems today that we never used to hear about. Think about it. Foodstuffs, in particular meats are shipped over here from faraway places. Then left for days in ‘chillers’ countrywide. Handled onto lorries, and then off again into and onto our superstore shelves. A whole fortnight or maybe longer, goes by, before it reaches our table. In the old days, you just went to the greengrocer for prime fresh meat or vegetables produced locally.

Everybody raves about the ‘organic’ revolution, but it existed only four decades ago before we ever had the supermarket giants that sit in airplane hangers, on the periphery of our towns and cities like seething cancer masses, eating up the small traders with our obese population shuffling around, jamming their overpriced crap into the cart with the car parked as close to the exit as possible to avoid any beads of sweat.

We have to be educated about food by the government. We are blinded and confused by what good and bad for you. So many, brands and products to choose from. Food gurus have to sell you a book before you find out what will be nutritious or deadly. I really believe that all the population should be forced to forage for food, and boycott larger stores, just one day a week. The larger chains should be forced to close at weekends to allow high street owners to boost their businesses. As an act of goodwill on the part of the bigger stores.

Non fat products still have lots of calories. Food companies are duping us. So are the so-called food experts. (I bet they sneak out and eat a Mars bar hiding in the janitor’s cupboard, or something.)

Notice how your local big Tesco is laid out. The four shopping ‘essentials’ are at each corner of the store making you walk through it at each vantage point. No wonder I am the size of a Canadian province.

Social services have promised to take your kids away if they become dangerously overweight. The diet you give them may not be in ‘the child’s best interests’ if they continue to eat unhealthily. Will they become paranoid about what they eat, causing further eating disorders?

It’s better to eat what you like but in moderation. Why Not?? Boycott the Food Giants every other week. You will be surprised what bargains you can get off the side of the road or at a Farmers market.

Eat Better Feel better and enjoy taste without flavour enhancers or ‘extract of’ products full of refined sugar and salts.

Take a ride out on Sunday and track down some veggie road-stalls or a real butcher. Buy free range meat that isn’t pumped full of anti-biotics, or re-constituted or ‘modified’ in some way.

I threw up watching turkey twizzlers being made. That’s right. Don’t ask!

Tip when buying a chicken from any supermarket: If the heels are yellowy brown. They were grown too fat too quickly for their bones to weight bear and the ‘burns’ on the heel are from sitting in urine because they cannot stand for very long. Fact.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t depend on a supermarket for your food. They don’t care how that food got on the shelf or how long it took to be there. They will make £400% profit on a chicken that was killed within 6 weeks of its life, where the farmer made pennies. Do you know what Sainsbury pays a farmer for one lamb? £18.50 a carcass. It cost that in feed to raise it!! No wonder we don’t produce anything in this country anymore!

Why does a parsnip have to come from Poland? How long is that parsnip on the road for? Think about it. Ban the supermarkets and help your local traders put food on your table and their own. Who wants to see this government put another 3000 grocery and butcher shops out of businesses in the UK this year? Some that have been a family tradition for centuries.

Don’t kill off our High Street through a lack of imagination on our part.

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