Chilli Night

How to Prepare & Cook for a ‘Chilli Night’ for 20+ People

By Perry Estelle

I know exactly why folk freak out at the organization of a huge event. The blood sweat and tears of Biblical proportions. The stress the panic, the expense, the associated mourning over the fact you don’t have a bigger cooker and way more kitchen utensils.

I shall lift your consciousness and evaporate your fears.

Sit down. Breathe.

Think paupers. Think peasants. Sorry, that’s sounds rude about your invited company. Please bear with me. You will be able to create the best Chilli night for pennies per serving.

If people don’t like chilli, then do a separate pot without the chilli flakes.

Are you a veggie? Replace beef with soya, tofu chunks or gnocchi

The best thing about chilli flakes is that the it gets hotter as it cooks.

You need it very hot. Don’t come to a chilli night if you don’t was to taste the gates of hell. Keep lots of fresh Greek yoghurt at hand to extinguish and out of control facial fires!.

People can enjoy a Mexican night with minimal effort.

Preparation time of just 2 hours.

You will need: 2 huge pots for either or both pro meat or vegan options.

Woo Woo! Here Comes the Chilli Night Express Special

All the quantities are all down sizable or measure that can be adjusted

15lbs of ground organic beef

5 cans of dark kidney beans

5 cans of bolotti beans

5 cans of Pinto beans

I jar of honey

A fistful of grated fresh ginger

Juice of 3 lemons

A medium jar of chilli flakes

6 fresh chillis left whole including stalk (green are hotter than red)

6 balls of garlic (baked previously for 20 minutes on moderate heat)

5 large onions (chopped finely)

5 jars/tubes of tomato puree

2-3 pints of Passata

20 flat mushrooms (sliced/chopped)

Celery salt to taste

Seasalt to taste.

Milled flaxseed for healthy bulk (optional)

Off the shelf tacos or homemade. Buns or rolls.


Use a non-stick pot if possible. Cook this entire batch of chilli until you get it coming up. Let it bubble a little but never let it stick at the bottom. Do not boil. Turn it off and let it sit. At the end of the evening let cool, and sit so long that its safe to preserve. Or cover until the next morning. Batch freeze for another night. Or have some pots ready for you chilli lovers to take home with them.


Brown the meat in its own fat and juices. This is a hefty chunk of meat and you will need to make sure it seared sufficiently.

Take the prebaked garlic and strip the husks and add to the meat. Stir or mix. (You can use garlic paste for quickness, but French Organic Garlic is the ultimate in taste, and prebaking turns the garlic cloves ‘milky’ that you can squeeze out, which is a huge infusion shot to your chilli avoiding people getting a shock chunk of garlic in their teeth)

Place the all ingredients other apart from the chilli flakes in your pot and cook on high heat, with stirring constantly (don’t scorch or overheat). Then simmer for as long as you want and add to if needed.

Add chilli flakes to taste and add heat.

Secret ingredients: Add cumin if you want with fresh parsley for added flavor.


Cooking for Crowds Shouldn’t be a Frightening Proposition

Most people balk at the idea of cooking for large crowds of people. With images of huge stockpots boiling over and becoming chained to a hot stove and oven for countless hours on end, it’s no wonder that so many people avoid the idea of cooking food for large crowds with more tenacity than they avoid being last in the dinner line.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be the frightening proposition that so many make it out to be. When it comes to cooking for a large crowd, the planning phase is the most important. You absolutely must plan your meals when feeding a large group of people. This goes far beyond the notion of spaghetti or fried chicken as the meals you are planning. You need to know how many servings you will need. While obviously you never know how hungry people will be or who will eat how much when it comes to cooking for a large crowd it is a good idea to always plan for a few extra mouths in case some need a little more than you may think (you might want to double servings for teen and college aged men that will be dining).

You need to know at least a general number of servings to prepare and adjust your recipe in order to accommodate those needs. Some people find it much simpler if they can double or triple recipes rather than scaling them to specific serving sizes. If this works best for you then by all means incorporate this practice when cooking for crowds. One thing you must be aware of is that you will need to include in order to create the meal you are planning.

Having the proper ingredients and the proper amounts of ingredients is more important in bulk recipes than is often necessary in smaller recipes as there is less leeway when it comes to creating the proper consistency. You should keep this in mind when making purchases for your cooking for a large crowd event.

Some people find the best route to take when it comes to cooking for crowds is to keep everything as close to their normal cooking routine as possible. This would mean that instead of cooking one really huge pan of lasagna for a triple sized crowd, they would instead cook three normal sized pans of lasagna. This accomplishes two things really and is something you may wish to keep in mind despite the extra time spent in the kitchen.

First of all, if something goes, wrong only one third of the meal is in shambles rather than the entire dinner. Second, you have a greater possibility of finding consistency issues before the baking begins if you are using measurements and cooking containers that you are familiar with and comfortable using. It is always best to discover errors and omissions sooner rather than later when it comes to cooking as very few ingredients can be properly added after the fact.

While cooking for crowds may send some into dizzying spells with heart palpitations it helps if you take a few deep breaths, sit down, plan your menu, plan your meals, make a list of your ingredients, and cook in a manner that is comfortable for you. If you would rather get it all over with in one fell swoop, then by all means do just that. If you are more comfortable making multiple dishes of family favorites then that is probably going to be the best course of action in order to meet your large crowd cooking needs.

Most importantly you should remember when cooking for crowds is that you might have just earned yourself a well-deserved night off afterwards. Cooking for crowds is time consuming and should be approached when well rested (if that is even possible) for the best results. There is something that is actually very satisfying about knowing that you have fed a crowd and fed them well.