Brexit Breakfast Ideas

Brexit Breakfast Ideas

Here are some great breakfast ideas for our current political climate for your favourite health bites whether you are a ‘remainer or brexiteer’.

Unlike the last bunch of slush and baloney we Brits have had to swallow since the ‘referendum’ still uncooked (or maybe overcooked?) isn’t it nice to know we can still be patriotic about The full British Breakfast, or picnic bites and satisfy the will of the nation’s appetite for good taste and undeniable benefits no matter who you vote for.

Here is the most healthy version of The Great British Brexit Breakfast I could think of…

So, get your Union Jack for a table cloth and place the following upon it..

British Bangers cooked in beer (Guinness) over the smoker/fire-pit (or oven) until browned

Poached Eggs with large mushrooms lightly boiled in water with a splash of olive oil…

Tip: Cumberland , Lincolnshire or Newmarket will make the perfect English banger. Avoid burning them, and if in doubt just let them bake in the oven on mid-heat for 35 minutes turning them every 5 minutes. Pouring Guinness or a real ale on them for good measure.

Tip: Keep the liquor (or dripping) and dip your bread in it if you are still hungry after your brekkers.

Instead of baked beans?

Antipasti with Greek olives and dips with breadsticks an carrot/celery sticks for dippers. Fennel is a crisp clean taste for dipping.

Why not make your own dip?

Sunflower-Almond Spread

1 1/2 c almonds

1 1/2 c sunflower seeds

1 carrot

1 clove garlic

1/2 red pepper

Chopped 1/4 c parsley,

Minced 1/2 red onion


Chopped almonds and sunflower seeds in mixing bowl and cover with distilled water. Cover and let soak 6-12 hours at room temperature. Drain. Using a food processor with an S blade or a juicer with the blank in place, process the almonds, seeds, carrot and garlic. Stir remaining ingredients into sunflower mixture.

Bun Bread & Options?

Honey Roast Ham ‘off the bone’ (or bacon) with cherry tomatoes in baguettes hummus with Romaine lettuce. Pour some grated cheese on top.

Tip: Slice your baguette long-ways and jam with Romaine lettuce and add your ham or bacon layers adding some salsa and grated cheddar.

Artichokes in oil, pickled or spring onions and ‘Wallies’.(UK slang for a dill pickle)

Gherkins with Spring onions and artichokes and mixed peppers in a bowl with chopped chives and fabulous feta cheese cubes or chunks with sliced tomatoes to use as a side-dish is delish with the breakfast.

Sourdough and Rye-bread can be sliced and served with salami and chutney or onion marmalade. Or, just pop some pesto with Fromage Frais on top! With a sprig of fresh basil.


Homemade coleslaw? Great on top of bacon for breakfast!

A small jar of Mayo

4 Carrots

1 White cabbage/Red cabbage

Bunch of Spring onions/scallions

Oils and seasoning

Method: Process or grate all the veggies and add a cup ½ of oil with the mayo and mix together (rapeseed oil is the sweetest and compliments the bitter cabbage)

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts! Of all varieties, peanuts ,almonds, pistachio or pinenuts, walnut and hazelnuts and pre-toast them on a metal tray over or under the grill with flaked salt. If you feel adventurous mix in some chickpeas and a dash of olive oil with chilli-flakes for extra ‘Pow on your Plate’

Tip: Stir some plain flaxseed and you will find it adds more ‘nutty’ texture to your kernels.

Hope this gets your vote!