About Us

Yes! We’re passionate about food. We love it – don’t you?

Peach Cobbler

Why Am I Passionate About Food?

In general:

I love to eat and experience flavours

I enjoyed cooking / being hands on

Mother is a good cook- although no one in my family has pursued a profession in the food industry, cooking is in my blood

When others are placing judgement on foodies and their hobby of indulging in expensive 37 course meals, I’m looking at it with great interest and wondering when is it going to be my turn?!

I love flavours dancing on my palette

I’m a food critic / writer

I take just simple pleasure & relaxation while being in a kitchen, also enjoying the complete opposite: fast, fiery, if you can’t handle the heat… type of commercial / restaurant kitchen

Italian = favourite thing to cook… and eat

I long to meet people who share my passion, and who want to create art in the kitchen with me