The Fat Fallacy and the Sugarcoated Lies

Hi, Jon here,

Don’t read this, if you are hooked on the medias programming to consume the vast plethora of dietary fast food super slimming foods or “Ready Meals” of which seem to number hundreds in the supermarket cabinets. Asking us, to purchase endless variations of the latest recipes to lose weight. Urging us, to buy 241 overpackaged, overpriced ‘fat-free’ foods, that promise a sylphlike figure, that on closer inspection, are truly not at all beneficial.

Still, the “Fat Controllers” brainwash us to eat low fat, sugar-free food products, that are weapons of mass destruction to your metabolism, and no more, than a ‘Crippin-like’ chemical experiment for profit. Good old dripping or lard is better for you than anything, these coffins of sludge on offer that only empty your purse and make you feel still hungry and leave you constipated or unsatisfied.

The Fat Fallacy and the Sugarcoated Lie from the Condiment Cartels.

In fact, pure animal fat, pure natural sugars found in fruit, like honey and raw cane sugar, is health-giving in moderation. Switching to Lo salted products, is still dangerous for your BP. Please do your research. Good Fat is not bad for you. Slimming microwave meals are loaded with chemicals and poisons to sap your energy and suppress your immune system. The Super Food Giants will see to that. They want to sneak as much sugar in our food, especially in energy drinks, breakfast cereals, and the same goes for salt. The salt Barons get it inside those canned goods, but the quarryful and call it ‘sodium’.

Rubbing Salt in the Wound?

Table salt, like the type you swamp your chips with, is a slow death. BTW it only takes 12 grams of salt consumed at once, to kill you. Saxa for instance is 2 parts glass and sand. These razor sharp baddies, tear up your inner arterial pathways. Shredding the walls, so they ‘scab over’ and become an overgrowth of scar tissue, that alone causes narrowing of the deeper veins. Salt dries the blood of H20 of which makes up 76% and is like driving a car without all. You will seize up eating that stuff. it might preserve dead meat but not those alive. It may ward of demons but it will still kill you.

Sea salt or rocksalt is fine! Take it with you to the Chippy!

A ‘Full English’ is better for you than a super slimming tasteless, ‘nuke in the dingerbox’ pot of ‘this and that free’ gloop. Its free of everything that is good for you and pumped full of reconstituted toxic crap.

Why? Well, this sounds all a bit harsh, doesn’t it? Please don’t take my word for it.

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fear Fat

I knew it! Innuit!

In the last 70 years Westernised Eskimos are dying of heart disease, at quadrupled a rate, a century ago, because they don’t eat whale blubber as once their staple diet (full fat) like their ancestors. Fact! Processed fast foods are killing off the Northern First nations.

So our meals need to contain natural fats! End of story!

Fat free food has become a phenomenon. Everywhere you go signs yell “fat free” as if to suggest that the food you are going to eat is healthier and less fattening. Many of us assume that fat free food is actually not fattening at all. A sad result of the “fat free” craze is people putting those extra pounds without realizing why.

Heres why….

The word fat has many meanings. Two of them are fat in the food we eat and fat that we put on our bodies as a result of eating too much bad nutrition and not enough exercise. It is unfortunate that the word fat is used to describe these two totally different meanings. Because the same word carries those meanings many of us tempt to believe that as a result of eating fat free food we will not gain fat on our bodies.

The truth is that eating fat does not necessarily mean that this fat will be put on our bodies as extra pounds. Fat has more calories per gram than many other ingredients. Eating a lot of fat means consuming much more energy than our body needs and extra energy means the body turning this energy into layers fat reserves. It is really the energy in the fat and not the fat itself that is fattening.
So don’t think that just by avoiding fat you will avoid getting fat – that is just not true. Fat free food is less tasty than food with fat. Many times in order to compensate for the lost of taste food companies add sugar and other ingredients to their products. Processed sugar is a very low quality source of energy. In fact the body can only use that energy for a very short time after it was consumed. Since most of us are not going to jog right after consuming sugar the body will have nothing to do with that extra energy but convert it to fat.

Sugar turns into fat in our body. Many people do not realize that or just ignore that fact. Consuming fat free food that is rich in sugar is not different than consuming food with a lot of fat or just consuming a lot fat and calories. The body is an amazing machine and it is very efficient. Energy that can not be used or is not needed is reserved for the future and the way in which the body reserves energy is by building extra layers of fat. So when we eat fatty food we actually just consume too much energy – the reason we gain weight is not because we eat fat that sticks to out body but because that fat has too much energy and the excess energy is converted to layers of fat by our body. And when we eat fat free food that is rich in sugar our body will again have excess energy that can not be used and that will be converted to layers of fat too.

To conclude it is important to understand that fat free does not mean healthy or non fattening food. Always check the nutrition facts of the food you consume to determine that you are not consuming too many calories or too much sugar. It is better to have some fat in your food and less sugar than too much sugar and no fat at all. As always the best diet is one that preaches for moderation in the quantity of food and in its nutrition. Make sure your calories are consumed from nutritious ingredients and not from just sugar and fat.

Eat Well